A Judge has extended Psyco Hold on Amanda Bynes

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amanda bynes


Amanda Bynes is surely acting “Coo Coo” and if she keeps it up, this former Disney actor could be end up in the Asylum. As everyone knows by now the Actress set fire to a California driveway earlier this week and almost caught her dog afire while doing it.

She was taken to hospital shortly after the blaze was controlled.  Subsequently no charges were laid.

Amanda’s parents became concerned for their daughter’s sanity and eventually filed court documents asking a California judge to impose a conservatorship Bynes due to her apparent mental illness.

In an update to this story,  TMZ  revealed that a judge granted a request to extend Amanda’s psychiatric hold for another 2 weeks.  This means Amanda will have to stay in the psychiatric ward for 2 more weeks even if the judge denies the temporary conservatorship Friday.

This situation is really unfortunate as most persons are focused on Amanda’s current “Crazy Chick State,” when truly she could be suffering from serious mental illness. Prior to the Judges’ decision, doctors argued that they needed 2 weeks to properly diagnose Amanda before releasing her as she could pose a danger to herself and others.

Hopefully under strict watch of her parents, Amanda would not get into any more trouble.

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