A man attempted to become a police with fake documents was caught in the act

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“Forged from the love of CXC?” O_o
Man used forged documents to become a Police Officer
Gets Caught by same Police Service
Police Take him to court
Magistrate “aint got no time fo dat” 
Seems Like he could have bought himself a one way ticket into the Prison Service
“Why would a man want to do that? Gain entry into the Police Service and start off with dishonesty”. Said the Magistrate to Neal Joogoon’s who attempt to gain entry into the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service by presenting fake CXC results.
The incident occurred last Tuesday at a recruitment service in Skinner Park, San Fernando. Constable Prince noticed the document belonging to the accused had been tampered with and took Joogoon to the Fraud Squad in San Fernando.
Joogoon said he needed five subjects to be able to join the Police Service and told the magistrate that he erased the grade that was printed on the certificate and typed in another grade.
The father of two, with no previous convictions, was fined subsequently $5,000 and was given 28 days to pay the money or spend nine months in jail.
Food for thought, “You don’t need any CXC passes to enter prison.”
Source: Trinidad Express Newspaper

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