A young mother and her 2 babies living on streets (Trinidad)

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mom on streets

A young mother and her two young children are living on the streets in Trinidad. No, she is not a vagrant, this young mother was just in a bad situation and now her children have to suffer.

Desann York originally lived in a dilapidated wooden structure at Carlton Lane, San Fernando, with no pluming or electricity for the past five years with the father of her one and three year old daughters. The man has been incarcerated for the past 5 months and things continue to look down for her.

The 22-year-old mother said she got into a dispute with relatives who eventually forced her out of her home two days ago. The distressed parent has a 5 year old son who she was forced to give up due to poor living conditions.

Nowhere else to turn, Desann decided to try her luck with local media house, Express Newspaper in search of help.

York said she was determined to make it work. “I really want a home for my children. I miss having my son with me, because I have no fixed place to call home. I want to fulfill my dream. Before I became pregnant with my son, I had dreams of becoming a flight attendant, but I dropped out of school in Form Five. I made so many mistakes already and I just want to do the right things now.”

In terms of government assistance Minister of the People and Social Development Glenn Ramadharsingh said: “If she can find a place, we are willing to pay up to $7,500 for three months and take care of her immediate needs.”

HDC managing director Jearlean John said many persons have applied for housing: “We can’t find a place to put all these people. I can’t promise anything.” John later said York would be contacted.

The mother found refuge at a friend’s house, but this is only for a short time. York is in need of items for her children and a place to stay. Anyone willing to assist this young mother with donations to her children can contact Goddess Promotions TT as she has no cell phone or other form of communication.

Here is the list of needs:

  • Clothing for girls age 1 to 3 years old.
  • Clothing for boy 5 years old.
  • Food stuff
  • Stationary items for school
  • Any form of assistance

Inbox us at to assist this young mother:  goddesspromostt@gmail.com

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    1. Persons from Port of Spain area can drop off items at #47 Long Circular Road St James also on Sunday we will be at Hyatt Waterfront at Breakfast Shed from 2pm to 4pm collecting items e.g. children’s clothing and food.

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