Another day another ‘Trini’ giving us a bad reputation

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Trinis seem to be making news everywhere, just last week we discovered that the officer who arrested the Boston Bomber was a son of the soil, what good news. Today yet another foreign Trini makes the news. This time he is speaking from inside an American jail cell. Dr. Conrad Murray, the Trinidadian born doctor who was allegedly responsible for the death of Michael Jackson is once again speaking out from jail. He is still proclaiming his innocence in the death of the Pop legend.

The Doctor still thinks he stands a chance of practicing medicine again some day, he called into NBC’s “Today Show” this morning live from jail and said he is sorry that Jackson died. Scratches record……… “Hold up, a phone interview live from jail? That’s right LIVE.” ( Must be a Trini )

Nevertheless, Dr Murray maintains his innocence stating once again that Jackson administered the fatal dose of Propofol himself. The doctor also said he DID NOT file his appeal to shorten his prison sentence, but rather so that he can one day restore his medical license and see patients again. You heard it here first.

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