Babies switched at birth in hospital, parents want millions in compensation

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Million dollar babies.

Here is a question for all those parents out there. How much do you think your children are worth? While most of you will agree on the fixed cost of “priceless“, two annoyed mothers don’t share the same sentiment.

Two Babies were accidentally switched at birth at a hospital in Trinidad W.I. and were only reunited with their biological parents 5 months after the switch. In case you are wondering how this could have happened, health officials are trying to figure it out themselves. Now the parents are requesting 5 million TT dollars each in compensation.

According to local news reports the Mt Hope Women’s Hospital may end up in court, as families of the two switched babies are asking for financial compensation to ease their distress over the past few months.

Here is what went down:

“Six months ago two women  delivered their babies via Cesarean section at Mt Hope Women’s Hospital. One was a Tobago couple of Afro-Trinidadian ethnicity while the Central couple are of Indian ethnicity.                                                                After their surgeries, both mothers were placed on the same ward, in beds next to each other. Both had baby girls who were tagged and placed in cots next to the patients believed to be their biological mothers. Both mothers were discharged with the wrong babies.

The families took care of each baby for 5 months as their own, including breast-feeding, but the parents were confused that their babies did not look like them and seemed to not be of the same race. The Trinidad family decided to get private DNA testing which found that the baby was not theirs. They contacted Health Minister Dr Fuad Khan immediately. He took charge of the issue ensuring the babies were returned to their rightful parents in a matter of days.”

Oh! but that was just the beginning of what could turn out to be a bitter legal battle between the families and the health official, as they are now seeking millions in compensation.

The Express news paper stated “Health Minister Dr Fuad Khan yesterday confirmed he has received two legal letters from the families.                                                                          “I am going to let the courts decide, the court will establish whether this was indeed a genuine mix-up or otherwise,” said the minister over the phone.

We ask the question, what would you do if you were the affected parents?


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