Barbados Crop Over 2014 music

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Barbados Crop Over 2014

Barbados Crop Over has recently concluded leaving us with wonderful memories and most importantly amazing music and costumes. here are two tracks from the Bajan festivities 2014.

The first track was done by Bajan artiste Lead Pipe and Saddis titled Ah Feeling. The soca song is filled with a melodic vibe, that makes you want to learn the words and sing along.

We know the Caribbean produces great entertainers, just look at how famous Barbados born artiste Rihanna has become over the years. Caribbean music is indeed moving forward, can’t wait to see what new releases Trinidad and Tobago Carnival 2015 has to offer.

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This next track also out of Barbados Crop Over 2014 was done by Porgie and Murda called Benup. Word on the street is that this track was one of the major players at this year’s Crop Over Festival.

The song boost a somewhat festive energetic vibe which makes you want to dance. It has a dancehall/reggae music style with instructions which encourage individuals to “crash into me and the bumper bound to get ben up.” Clever use of metaphors, this bit of lyric translated basically means to “wine back on someone,” with lyrics like that we are pretty sure every one had the time of their lives.

Caribbean people are festive, happy individuals, feel free to drop in to your favorite Caribbean destination for carnival, you will not regret it!

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