Better Music and Art programs in schools could curb crime in Trinidad W.I.

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ring leader

Enhanced art and music programs in schools could help curb the crime problem in Trinidad and Tobago.

Former Synergy Soca Star competitor, Kendell Garcia aka Ringleader thinks more emphasis should be put into music and art based programs in schools. He thinks Art and Entertainment is a better form of communication for those who may not be doing well in traditional course work at school.

The artiste said he always had a problem expressing/explaining himself to people. Ringleader told Goddess Promotions TT:”If someone asked me a question, i wouldn’t know how to respond, but they give me a beat and told me to sing on it, you will see how easy I will flow on that track.”

Man stabbed and thrown about 6 feet into Dry River (he lived)

Garcia said people from the ghetto like himself tend to relate better to music and art rather than traditional methods. He deem if there were more entertainment based programs readily available via community groups to occupy the youth’s, they may not get into as much trouble with the law.

Check out Ringleader song titled “Soldier Dem,” speaks about real situations:

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