Beyonce 7/11 official video, XO and I Was Here music video

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beyonce 7/11

This new music video by Beyonce titled 7/11 has been trending since it’s release on you tube last evening. Social media has been abuzz with the obvious hate and love.

Usually music videos generally generate millions of views upon their release however within one day this video went from zero to almost 17 million views. So what caused this massive overflowing of video view? its nothing more than the content, lets just say it is not the typical fancy Beyonce video her fans have grow to love. Its more like a you tube vlog/cover mixed into one. This was a great marketing strategy and cool concept by the artiste as it continues to trend world wide. She and her team seemed to capitalize on the currents social ,media trends taking place while saving loads of cash.

Enough talk check out the video.[wpsr_sharethis]


Next we have a track that brought tears to the eyes of individuals in the crowd. Check out the video for a track titled “I am here” by Beyonce which was performed at the United Nations World humanitarian day 2012 .

Also attached is the official music video for the track titled XO which was released earlier this year.

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