Big break for Jamaican Radio personality Ms Kitty

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Looks like female rapper EVE is eyeing a comeback with a some Caribbean swag involved. The ‘Rough Rider First Lady’ collaborated with Jamaican radio personality Miss Kitty (Real name Khadine Hylton) on a new single called ‘Eve’. 
The track will be featured on the rapper’s upcoming album entitled Lip Lock. It will be Eve’s first since 2002 as she has been perusing acting and fashion designing careers.
Miss Kitty, said she was elated when she received the news via phone call stating that she was selected to do the single with “princes Rough Rider”.
According to the Jamaican Observer Miss Kitty said, “She wanted that authentic Jamaican bad gal style. After all, a me sey independent.” The radio personality said she sought the assistance of Diamond-selling artiste Shaggy and Collin ‘Bulby’ York to do her portion which was recorded at Harmony House.
“When you are a multi-faceted being, art is appreciated and reflected in different ways. You don’t have to be an artiste to be featured in a song. You just have to have value, be unique, and real, people will naturally gravitate towards you,” said Miss Kitty. 
Miss Kitty is also the new host of Morning Link on American-based radio station Link Up Radio.
Trinidadian born Nick Minaj has been towering the female rap game for the past few years, let’s see if Eve still has what it takes while mixing it up with a fellow Caribbean personality.
Here’s the official music video for their collaboration:

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