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Blac Chyna goes off on Rob Kardashian on their reality show

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blac chyna and rob kardashian“Are you still texting bitches?” No not you, but Rob Kardashian felt the unfortunate brunt of this exclamation during his spin off reality show with Blac Chyna. Chyna posted a 30 second teaser of the show to her instagram earlier today. The teaser was filled with mood swings, temper tantrums and drama. The perfect ingredients for a piping hot cup of tea.

During the teaser she shouted at Rob on the phone “Are you still texting bitches?” Makes you wonder if that tantrum caused Rob to delete all his photos of Chyna earlier this month? If so I guess we will surely know soon enough.

Earlier reports from stated that Rob was probably concerned about the show as it could jeopardize the couple’s relationship, however a source said “Rob was just going through one of his mood swings and dark periods.”

So if you think their relationship was a well orchestrated scam to get back at Kyle and Tyger only time will tell as the couple seem to be doing quite well together.


“Hell hath no fury like a woman’s scorn” and I’m pretty sure Chyna is the queen of petty to many people, but I don’t want to judge her just yet. Let’s sit back and watch the mess as it unfolds. After all she has been a good influence to Rob, especially earlier in the relationship when she helped him loose weight and get over his depression. It will be weird for their child to call Tyga uncle while her other son calls him dad. But that’s not my business as i’m pretty sure their are women who do the same thing she did and even worse lol.

Lets get the convo started in the comment section what do you think about Rob and Chyna’s reality show and their relationship.[wpsr_sharethis]

Omg! 😯 Are You Guys Ready?? 👀 I Am 🙈 #RobAndChyna ☘👶🏽 Sept.

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