Bored at the office? Find out what’s currently the worlds most popular social game.

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Candy Crush Saga has overtaken Angry Birds to be world’s most popular game hitting the top spot on Facebook, iOS and the Android Play store.
Its London-based developer King has now overtaken Zynga – creator of Farmville – to become the world’s most popular social gaming firm.
King now has more than 66 million players worldwide, with more than 15 million of those playing Candy Crush on Facebook on a daily basis.

The figures come from game-maker Zynga’s most recent earnings call. 

The team behind Farmville now sits in second place with 52 million daily players.

The aim of Candy Crush Saga is to match three of more sweets in a row to make them disappear.

You can create super sweets that can help you clear the board faster.
Cleared sweets appear in a candy cane at the side of the screen and you progress to the next level when the candy cane gets full.


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