Busy Signal axed former manager

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Busy Signal

Busy Signal has kicked his long time manager Shane Brown to the curb.

This latest news has rocked the dancehall world with shock and disbelief as both men were close long time friends.

The “Night Shift” and “Bedroom Bully” singer is said to have been shaking up his camp ever since his released from a United States prison about six months ago.Former manager Shane Brown was unfortunately the first to feel the wrath.

There have been roomers circulating via social media and other medians about a possible hidden relationship between Signal’s Baby mamma and Mr Brown during his incarceration, however there has been no confirmations to date.

Busy Signal maintains that there is no bad blood or fallout between himself and Brown, who has been managing his career since 2007.

“We parting ways in terms of management, and I just want it to be clear that we nuh have no bad vibes,”

Busy Signal told the Star.

Despite Busy Signal’s assurance that there is no bad blood between them, sources inside the Turf deejay’s camp told Urban Islandz that there may have been some mismanagement that pushed the deejay to make the decision.

Meantime, somewhere in Jamaica it is being rumored that Busy’s younger brother is alleged to be taking over his day to day management duties.

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