Carnival 2015 compilation music and videos

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soca 2015

Picture this.

You just came of the phone with your significant other after telling them you can’t make it home you have some work to finish. Meanwhile your friends are waiting for you to get off the phone to hit the club/carnival fete.

Your in the club/ fete when your significant other just happens to pop up, what will you do? Fadda Fox decided to avoid confrontation in his hit track titled ducking.

Check it out.[wpsr_sharethis]

Nigerian artiste Timaya has managed to penetrate the Trinidad music market again with his latest hit track titled Sanko. The track has been receiving much airplay on local radio stations.

Check it out!

Check out the latest installment from Shurwayne Winchester titled Pumping.

Next in the line up we have the new track from Skinny Fabulous titled Made for This.

Check it out.



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