Check out the video footage of 2 Chains being robbed at gunpoint!!

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2 chainz

He is definitely different, earlier this week 2 Chainz denied reports that he and his crew were robbed at gun point in c. The “No Lie” rapper went as far as to throw a Twitter Tantrum where he appeared to dismiss claims of the robbery.

But thanks to the somewhat investigative skills of the good staff at TMZ, “in Caribbean known as (proper maccoing)” they obtained video surveillance showing the rapper and his crew being ambushed by gunmen.

2 Chainz arrested in Los Angeles

The video shows what appears to be 2 Chainz and his entourage taking a little stroll down the street when a gunman pulled a hand gun on them. The men made 180 degree turns and took off running for their lives in the opposite direction. The gunmen intent was geared toward robbery as they took off behind the men.

In the video, the person indicated as 2 Chainz ran like a cartoon character off the pavement and into the road then realized he was jay walking and leaped back onto the pavement where he tripped and fell.

Watch the video to see what happened next……..

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