Clamp down on Jamaican parties?

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Not only Trinidad has drama in our night life, *cough cough* No bar licenses for The Avenue.

Jamaicans are now facing a similar dilemma, it’s Street dancing, or as us Trinis like to say, ‘Blocko’. Following in the footsteps of Port of Spain Mayor Louis Lee Sing, Jamaica’s Police Commissioner, Owen Ellington, has instructed law enforcement officials to clamp down on street dances that breach the Noise Abatement Act.

Just like liming is a part of Trini culture, street dances are a huge part of Jamaican culture.

According to reports, Ellington has ordered his senior officers to refuse street dance permits for events he deemed will inconvenience motorists and be a nuisance to households. The Noise Abatement Act prevents promoters from hosting street dances beyond 2 a.m, and without police permits. Without this permit street dance promoters could face some serious fines.

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