Da’Ville arrested for hitting his wife!!

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Domestic Violence has plagued the lives of many individuals in the Caribbean and the wider world for years, but when a celebrity is involved in a domestic dispute *cough* “Chris Brown and Rihanna,” it becomes everyone’s business, especially when the celeb is a man and he beat up his wife/girlfriend.

The latest celeb to be involved in a domestic despite takes us all the way across to New York. Reggae artiste Da’Ville who some will remember from tracks like “In Heaven and Always on my Mind featuring Sean Paul”, has fallen victim to this rant. According to Urban Islandz Da’Ville was arrested in New York on Thursday after allegedly hitting his wife in a domestic dispute. *scratches record* He what?

Well according to reports reaching Urban Islandz, Da’Ville struck his wife in the face during an argument at their New York home last Thursday.

Da’Ville must have been really pissed off at her because this man sings lovers rock, makes you wonder what drove him over the edge to comit such an act of violence againt her. His wife, Jae Brown-Thomas didn’t seem to care about his love songs, when she phoned the police. His lovely singing couldn’t get him out that mess as he was taken to the police station and booked.

Jae told the Observer that calling in the cops was her last resort.

“I am not trying to bash my husband but at the same time, what happened was wrong,”Brown-Thomas said.“I still love my husband and I want everyone to know we are going through a rough time. “I had no choice in action. My husband is a big, tall man,”

Da’Ville has yet to confirm the incident however, he posted this on Twitter:

What don’t kill me only makes me stronger, God knows me more than any 1 else, he can vouch 4 my character, i only need his approval -Brave

Do you think Da’Ville had good cause for his actions or do you think he was wrong?

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