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Demi Lavato quickly retracts election day Grab P**y tweet and apologies

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demi lavatoHave you ever sent a whatsapp message insulting someone to your friend but, it magically ended up on the screens of all your contacts? You’re totally screwed but this is not what happened lol but, it was sure close. Demi Lavato accidentally tweeted out the below image to her  39K followers on Twitter and quickly retracted it. Guess she was not quick enough because the twitter account below got a hold of it and posted it to their twitter feed.

The singer wrote “Sometimes you just have to agree to disagree and grab some (expletive) as a joke in referring to comments US election winner Donald Trump as part of the infamous leaked Access Hollywood tapes from 2005.

Her apology was issued shortly after the post.

Talk about damage control! But her apology was a bit too late as the tweet still paraded itself all over the internet.


I don’t know what to make of the situation because politics is such a sticky topic and you will surely offend someone while making another person happy. This is why I do not get involved and share my political opinions publicly in order to keep the peace.  

In terms of her tweet, I believe in freedom of speech but, I also believe that we must use our platforms responsibly. She did the right thing by issuing a public apology via twitter to protect her brand.

What are your views on this matter. Do you thing she was right to post the tweet in the first place or was it irresponsible of her?[wpsr_sharethis]

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