Diddy proposed to girlfriend Cassie on instagram, (Fact or Fake)

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What a way to propose!

While all us “Normal People” propose or get proposed too the good old fashion way.

  • Boy meets girl and likes her
  • They date a while
  • He purchases a diamond ring (or what else he can afford)
  • Guy gets down on one knee and ask for her hand in marriage

The end results may vary from time to time, but you get the main gist.

But entertainers, social media and the smart phone evolution seem have “Up the Ante” a bit in recent times.

From men proposing at the Super bowl on the Jumbo-tron, to them making a musical or flash dance and videotaping it, yes the art has been fine tuned a bit. Though all these gestures are nice they can’t compare to what P Diddy’s did to grab his long time girlfriend Cassi’s attention. The Bad Boy boss decided to express his love and ability to commit via Instagram,” or so every one thought”.

P Diddy

P diddy instagram

Not that his idea was not a good one but his gesture had fans and followers wondering if it was just another publicity stunt similar to what Dj Khalid tried with Nicki Manaj last year. According to various online entertainment sites, “this was no joke” as Cassi was spotted fronting her diamond ring and even responded via twitter saying, “It’s perfect!”

p diddy and cassie

However, Diddy has denied the proposal according to Mail online. He apparently just wanted to make her happy.

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