Dumped newborn baby rescued by passer by in Trinidad

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A new born baby girl has been rescued from sure death.

The incident took place at Upper sixth ave Malick, Trinidad W.I. last Thursday evening. John Julien, a resident of the area was passing near a dumpster when he heard muffled cries coming from the disposable bin. Upon looking into the bin he discovered a new born baby girl in a garbage bag, eyes taped shut and a piece of cotton stuffed in her mouth with tape over it.

A 34 year old woman has since been arrested and charged with abandonment, however some concerned residents say she should have been charged with attempted murder and the child could have probably died if she was not rescued by John.

This incident has prompt the question: How could a mother do this to her own baby? While the information below may provide a scientific summery of what could have happened. No one but her will ever know.

Facts on post natal depression:

Post-natal depression is a mood disorder which affects one in seven women who have had a baby.

This disorder is serious and affects 80 percent of women, between the third and tenth day after giving birth. Post-natal depression may develop and persist for weeks or many months, if left untreated.

Post-natal depression is treatable given the right treatment, support and time. Not everyone has the same symptoms.

Symptoms can include:

  • Experiencing “low” moods
  • Feeling inadequate and a failure as a mother
  • Feeling a sense of hopelessness about the future
  • Feeling exhausted, empty, sad or tearful
  • Experiencing anxiety or panic
  • Fear for the baby and of the baby
  • Insomnia, or excessive sleep, nightmares
  • Appetite changes, not eating or over-eating
  • Inability to cope with a daily routine
  • Ideas about suicide

Commentary: n.b. Theses views were compiled from newspapers and radio clips

Concerned Resident: “As a mother of six and a grand mother, I know women can go through a depressive state during and after your pregnancy. People need to understand this, and i know first hand that women are not fully in control at these moments and is a slave to her emotions.” Newsday

“I am a 21 year old woman who cannot have children and when i hear stuff like this it really hurts me to know what these women have a gift of child birth and misuse it. “Radio

“She is a wicked woman she could have given the baby up for adoption.” Man on the street.

What are your views?

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