Elephant Man caught in a compromising position?

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gay stewie

Gay or NOT? That is the question on the lips of some Jamaicans.

Rumors certainly have a way of targeting celebrities, especially when there isn’t much going on with them.

Today’s rumored victim? Non other than Elephant Man! The misleading information surfaced after reports claimed that he was caught with a group of gay men last night. However, thanks to the investigative journalists at Urban Islandz the situation was cleared up without much confusion. Here’s what a rep for the Dancehall veteran had to say when contacted on the issue:

“First off we don’t normally comment on ridiculous rumors like this because some people don’t have nothing to do with them life. No ba**y man can’t go a Ele yard and what a gardener doing at the man place 11 o’clock a night?” “Cut grass in a night, Elephant busy a make money and f**k P***y.” “A 20 odd pickey Ele have so people need to stopmix up the man name for publicity,”

the rep said.

We couldn’t have made this up even if we tried! Lol.

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