Father who murdered his infant children had an ongoing drug possession

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murdered children

The father who murdered his infants daughter and son over the weekend had an ongoing possession of cocaine court case.

Barry Karamath of Ba­rataria, Trinidad and Tobago was charged with possession of $1 million TT dollars worth of cocaine in 2011. He was held while attempting to disembark the inter island Ferry called the T&T Express as it docked in Trinidad from Tobago. Officers of the Organised Crime, Narcotics and Fi­re­arms Bureau intercepted his vehicle, searched and found two kilograms of cocaine.

Meantime, Palm Sunday which signifies the religious celebration of Jesus’ triumphal entry into Jerusalem fell short of it meaning last Sunday evening as the lives of two infants were brutally taken away at the hands of their father Mr Karamath.

The unfortunate circumstances surrounding their deaths are unclear as there are two separate accounts of Mr Karamath character.

According to local news reports, Okilia Mayers held her stomach and wailed in grief as she watched the bodies of her two children being removed by undertakers from behind a tree, in Matura on Monday morning. “Oh God, why he do this? I want my children,” she screamed as relatives tried to console her. Karimath who lived at Morvant drove all the way to Matura with one clear objective, it was to murder his 10 month old baby son Omari “Buba” Mayers and three year old daughter Keanna “Keke” Mayers, before taking his own life. He even text their mother about what he was going to do before committing the heinous acts.

The “killer dad” reportedly took the children from their mothers home on Saturday for her to go to work. She had no idea this would have happened.

Okilia said that Karamath was a very possessive man who got jealous easily. She could not talk to any male, as if he found out, he would always get upset and they would quarrel.

“He always threatened me and I would just not take him on sometimes, but I was always very afraid he might do something really bad some day to me, but not the children,” she admitted.

“The whole point in this, is that he wanted to be with me still and I did not want to be with him anymore because he was real possessive. He would bully me and beat me. He used to monitor all my movements and always watching who I talk to,”  she revealed to local media C News

Here is the other side of the story, this came from Hycinette, who is a neighbor and friend of the father who committed these acts:

Hycinette described Karamath as a helpful man who didn’t approve of his children mother’s lifestyle. She accused Okilia of having a parting lifestyle, ” She always parting and leaving the children with him, he tried to make a family, he rented an apartment and they lived together as a family but she just was not settling down.”  She told the local Newsday Newspaper that the trouble began when Okilia broke off their relationship and entered another with her former lover and father of her five year old child.

” Karamath took care of the children most of the time when she left so when he decided to kill himself he took the children with him because he didn’t want another man to raise them.” she related. ” I don not condone what he did because it broke my heart , but he was not evil nor was he crazy, he was just trapped and frustrated.” she ended.

The following are the transcripts of some of the text messages that Karamath sent to Okilia Mayers and her relatives between 7 p.m. and 10 p.m on Saturday night.

“Don’t answer, I going and deal with Buba first.”
“Buba like a little stupidee but Keke has a little idea something’s wrong, but say what, is a fed up scene.”
“Anyhow I deal with Buba after how you sent the police by me tonight. I going and deal with Keke and myself now and just remember is you cause that. I did it knowing that, fare well.”
“That was her last breath anyhow.”

On Sunday morning, Police received a report that the lifeless bodies of a man and two children had been discovered on a roadway along Matura on Sunday night, he ingested a poisonous substance after strangling his children to death.

Here are a few notes on what could cause individuals to murder their children:

  1. The classic case is the parent who plans to take their own life and believes that the children are better off in heaven with them. i.e. they kill out of love.
  2. The parent could be acutely psychotic. i.e. parent could be suffering from mental illness and not be in control or aware of what they are doing at the time.
  3. Fatal battering. i.e. this is pretty self explanatory, a parent may be disciplining a child and use too much force or hit the child a fatal blow in accident or in some cases deliberately.
  4. To get rid of an unwanted baby. i.e. an infant born out of wedlock or the step child etc.
  5. Spousal revenge. i.e. a parent may kill the children to hurt their partner or ex panther typically after infidelity or to prove a point.
  6. Depression

Point one (1) and five (5) could describe the incident which took place last Sunday.

Here is some advice to parents, both mothers and fathers who may be in sticky relationships that need help.

  • As much as you may love your panther, if you notice them acting strangely, question them and seek professional help if you could afford it. You never know what a depressed person is thinking. It has been proven scientifically that a depressed persons acts their calmest when they are about to commit suicide.
  • Parents, if you are involved in a violent relationship with someone who threatens your life, the chances of  your abuser turning to the children in your absence are quite high. Two things could be done.
  1. Leave him or her, make a report to the nearest police station, get a restraining order, change your phone numbers, get a new name do what ever it takes to get away from the individual if they don’t try to change or at least make an effort too.
  2. The other option is to seek counseling, offer assistance to the individual as they may have grown up in an abusive home and may not be aware that their practice is wrong. Help them in order to keep both parents involved in the raising of your children. if counseling fails, then resort to point 1.
  • Drug abusers are dangerous to themselves and others, please seek help and counseling and follow the same instructions listed below if it does not work.
  • Alcohol abusers, this is quite common among abusers. There are instances where a parent may come home drunk and sexually, physically or mentally abuse their spouse. alcohol it impairs your judgement and there are instances where the individuals may do the same to their children.  In extreme cases the individuals are completely unaware of their actions and may doubt you when they are sober. Although it may sound extreme, put on a camera and video tape their actions and show it to them the following day. That way they will know what they did and be willing to seek help and counseling. if that doesn’t work then resort to point 1. in the second bullet point.




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