Fireball receiving International hits from new music video release!!

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Rohan Fireball Richards has released his latest track on You Tube entitled, Take You There.

The track was written by the first ever Trinidad and Tobago Soca Star Winner Fireball himself who brought us hits like; What I Want and No Chorus featuring KMC. The song was released on the radio stations about two weeks ago, but has not been receiving much circulation.

The video was released on YouTube and at Synergy TV around the same time and is already receiving several hits both locally and internationally. Fans as far is India and France have already plugged the track. The music was produced by Sherif Music and the video was directed by Orange Peel Promotions and Klayne Films.

Earlier this year KMC vowed never to return to the soca arena via his Facebook page luckily Fireball isn’t following suite. Though he may not return soon the “Take u There” singer will grace us with his soca talent once again.

The song has an international flavor and the video screams professionalism. But don’t take my word for it, check it out…

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