Gay man attacks Capleton during performance

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Jamaican Reggae artistes have stopped their vocal war against the gay community due to several protests and other gay rights related issues. But that didn’t stop a gay activist from rushing up to the stage at a concert and violently pushing Capleton during his performance.

It all went down last weekend while the reggae icon was performing at Reggae In The Hills in California. While Capleton was singing and jumping a male fan walked up to the stage from out of the crowed and pushed the singer. His body guards rushed onto the stage immediately took the rowdy patron backstage.

Capleton brush off the incident and continue performing. But the fan was persistent and wanted to vent his anger on the reggae legend as he returned to the stage about two minutes later. This time he came from back stage and pushed and juggled up Capleton before a body guard ran out and pushed the fan off the stage and into the crowd.

“All the people who believe in love let me see your hands in the air, good over evil,” Capleton said before continuing his performance.

One patron told that Capleton’s attacker was a gay man who made his was inside the venue to disrupt the concert.

“Capleton not bothering them so why they keep provoking the man. Look how long reggae artists stop paying them any mind and they keep protesting and trying to stop shows. I mean this is going a bit too far when they getting physical,” the patron said.

One question about this entire scenario. Where was the security during this entire incident? Seriously isn’t there suppose to be a stage manager dealing with these issues, how could this patron attack an artiste while performing on stage, not once but twice? “As the old saying goes once is a mistake, twice is a habit.”

Check out the Video footage:

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