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The top 10 billboard stories through our eyes!!

Scratching the surface with a little pre show Gossip we have Justin Bieber and Selina Gomez

Rumors surfaced that Justin and Salena had a pre Billboard Award date while in Vegas. According to E! the somewhat on again off again couple attended a late show performance of Love by Cirque du Soleil at the Mirange in Las Vegas

Now here’s the actual count down

10) Bruno Mars took everyone back a couple years with his performance of Treasure, Micheal Jackson would have been proud of this performance.
Could you picture the king of pop in the front row nodding his head and smiling. RIP Micheal…

9) Chris brown’s performance of Fine china: he admitted he had an off night vocally but he rocked his performance with an exciting array of dance moves, some of which bore a striking resemblance to that of the above mentioned king of pop Micheal Jackson. 
8) As expected Talor Swift swept through the show winning 8 Billboard Awards. Swift recieved the nights top honors, Artist of the year, as well as Top Billboard 20 Artist, Top female Artist, Top Country Artist and Top Digital Songs Artist. “Red” was Top in the Billboard 200 and Country =; “We are never getting back together” was named Top Country song.
7)Bajan Born pop star Rihanna walked away with four awards, winning in the R&B Artist, album and song categories, plus Radio Song Artist.
6) Talor Swift makes the list again with her playful performance
Here comes the cool stuff…
5) Justin Bieber had a well received performance as fans screamed in excitement during his set.
4)Prince took home the Icon Award and celebrated his honor with a performance medley of songs “Lets Go Crazy and Fix Ur Life Up”
Now we get into the really hot stuff!
3)Who say you need to go to a strip club to get a lap dance…..when you’re as big a celebrity as Lil Wayne, lap dances come to you, and not just any ordinary stripper. Trinidadian born rapper Nicki Manaj threw it down during her performance of “High School” leaving fans and Lil Weezy in amazement. The expression on his face alone spoke for itself.
2) Justin Bieber was booed while receiving the first ever Milestone Award….Huh? Sad but true as we all know there were some cheers though but the confusing thing is that fans were screaming and cheering during his performance yet booed him while collecting an award. “Tough Crowd.” Backstage Cee Lo Green who presented Bieber with the award said the Bieb is a great sport and he didn’t appreciate the boos that much.
1)As if we all didnt know what it was…..This was probably the most epic miss of 2013 this far.
During his performance of “Adorn” Miguel leaped across an audience pit and landed butt first, halfway on a fan and the stage. Judging from the way that jump looked, it seemed as if he had a decision to make while in mid air, “should he jump and land on a fan or jump too far, miss the stage and land on the ground.”
Nonetheless Miguel was very concerned about the victim as he took her backstage to tend to her. During an  interview backstage Miguel introduced Kyati who was the unfortunate victim and said he couldn’t focus clearly during the interview as he was worried about her. The female fan was all smiles and didn’t seem to be bothered despite holding an ice pack on her arm.

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