Haters get a reality check from Miss World Trinidad and Tobago 2012

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Haters receive a reality check from Miss World Trinidad and Tobago 2012, Athaliah Samuel.
Enough is enough, “Dont call her no Video Hoe”
By the way, what exactly is a Video Hoe?
Definition via Ms Samuel “The Urban Dictionary defines a Video Hoe as a girl who sleeps with Casting Directors to get jobs or money and is usually seen in Hip Hop videos shaking her money maker.”
Ms Samuel said that she was paid for her roll in Trinidad James’ official music video “Females Welcomed”. despite what people may say, she highlighted the fact that she was not seen in any compromising positions during the shoot.
According to the Model who Grew up in Laventille, the director commended her on her professionalism. ie “she ain’t no video Hoe.”
The TnT Miss World Representative had just about enough of the name calling and critics/ “Haters” and decided to set the record straight but as us Trinis say “she put them in dey dam place,” yet maintaining her professional image.
As disclosed in her column in a local daily news paper also via her Facebook page last Tuesday, “I am an activist and long after my reign as Miss Trinidad and Tobago ends, I am still going to be pounding on doors, using my voice and my gifts to make life better for those most in need and advocating for change”.

In conclusion Ms Samuel apologized for offending anyone by her appearance in the video but said that she would do it again: 

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