Hero’s mother wants Usher to sing at her sons wedding

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Usher and sons

The mother of the unlikely hero who saved Usher Raymond V from drowning a few days ago, wants pay back for her sons good deed.

Over the past few days Usher Raymond has been thanking the men who saved his son publicly. However the mother of Ben Crews (the man who saved Usher’s son) wants Usher to show his gratitude in a different way. According to TMZ she want him to sing at her son’s wedding.

In an update to the 5-year-old’s condition, he is showing great improvement after nearly drowning. The youngster was still in ICU but he is expected to be released in a few days.

But there is a good and bad to every story as the boy’s mother Tameka Foster “ain’t got no time for that.” Though she is grateful for her son being alive today, she already lost one of her boys to a water related accident and does not want to lose another. She is ‘ready to sign them papers’ and get primary custody of  Raymond V. The mother has not left the hospital since the accident.

Tameka blames Usher for putting their son in an environment which led to the near-drowning accident on Monday

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