Innocent teenagers executed in Trinidad

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teens executed

An echoing silence sweeps across Port of Spain and Laventille Trinidad W.I. this morning as they morn the loss of 3 teenagers at the hand of gun violence.

According to news reports, the first instance occurred when 16 year old Naim Chester Antoine was asleep at his HDC apartment on Duncan Street Port of Spain. Gunmen stormed his dwelling around 4 am and dragged him out of bed. The teenager who suffered from sickle cell anemia screamed out for help as he was taken to George Street and shot in cold blood.

About 8 hours after Antoine’s 16 year old cousin Rasheeda Gomez was shot and killed while at an apartment in Nelson Street Port of Spain. She was in the company of her boyfriend who was also shot but survived.

In a separate instance 17 year old Sean Lewis Jr was fixing a car at Trotman Street Laventille when he and a man were gunned down while plying their trade at a garage. The young man who was on summer vacation decided to learn the trade while away from school.

Questions of the Day

What is causing this gang violence?                                                                                           Why are the targeting teenagers?                                                                                            What can be done about this gang violence ?                                                                            Can it ever be stopped? 

Random Response from persons surveyed.                                                                (Please note these are responses from random persons and their views do not reflect Goddess Promotions TT


  1. Bad parenting (cause)
  2. Single parenting
  3. Insecure about themselves
  4. Lack of education
  5. Feeling of belonging
  6. Greed and Money
  7. CEPEP contracts
  8. Gang Turf

Heading the list of causes is “bad parenting” one of our anonymous surveyed persons said “Mothers cling to their sons and spoil them and give them everything, when is time to look for a job they want easy money so they don’t wanna work?”

Another said ” When these young people bring home stolen things and the parents say nothing, what do you expect to happen?”

What do you think can solve the gang war in Trinidad?

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