Is Kanye West Cheating on Kim Kardashian??

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Kanye West and Leyla Ghobadi

Lifestyles of the Rich and famous recap!

A younger Kim Kardashian slept with Brandy’s lil bro Raj J, it was recorded and subsequently leaked.

Kim and Kanye West hook up many years after.

Ray J releases song “I hit it first”

Kanye response, I hit 100 mill first

Kim becomes pregnant with Kanye’s baby

Now for the latest episode to this saga: Kanye is allegedly cheated on Kim with a curvy French Canadian model. This shocking scoop came directly from the model herself 24-year-old, Leyla Ghobadi.

Could this shocking revelation be the end of KimYe? Well according to the star the two have been involved since last year.

Kim Kardashian reveals the gender of her unborn baby

Check out the Star story post:

In an exclusive interview with Star, Leyla reveals that the scandal began at Kanye’s concert on July 6, 2012, when he had security pick her out of the crowd to meet him for drinks after the show. Leyla says Kanye told her that his relationship with Kim was “just for publicity” and to “increase his fan base,” and later engaged in two sexual encounters with her, including one when Kim was pregnant with his child. She even shares that Kanye tried to hook up with her as recently as last week!

If this rumor is true it could be devastating for Kim who is currently pregnant with Kanye’s baby girl.

What are your views on this latest development, do you think it’s true or just another publicity stunt?

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