Is Pastor Vishnu Kitty Lutchmansingh dead or alive (after committing murder)

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Pastor Vishnu “Kitty” Lutchmansingh

Is Pastor Kitty Lutchmansingh dead or did he stage his death/suicide to avoid 88 charges against him?

The bloody saga began last Monday when shot and killed his brother Kishan Lutchmansingh, and knocked down and drove over his nephew Joey Lutchmansingh at a garden near Kishan’s Chin Chin Road, Cunupia home. After his violent spree Kitty allegedly sped to his Las Lomas home and shot himself in the head after setting his house afire.

As unbelievable as this may sound, it gets even stranger, after the charred remains of a body, was found in  Lutchmansingh’s burnt down home, Pathologist at the St James Forensics Complex revealed that the corps was shot at the back of the head ruling out initial speculation of a suicide. Now officers don’t know what to believe.

Many questions were raised like:

  • How could Kitty shoot himself in the back of his head and still find time to set his house afire.
  • If the body is in fact Kitty, who shot him?
  • Why did the person kill him?
  • If the body is not Kitty’s, who’s is it?
  • Why did he kill the person or were they already dead?
  • Why wasn’t anyone seen leaving the house after it was ablaze?
  • Is there a missing person to the puzzle?
  • Where is Kitty if the body is not his?
  • Is someone withholding information?

The Trinidad and Tobago Police are on the case lead by head of Central Division, Senior Superintendent Johnny Abraham. Abraham ordered a group of officers to stop the cremation service of Pastor Lutchmansingh yesterday 2nd April in order to facilitate more indept DNA testing. The police are working breathlessly on the case to identify the identity of the charred remains found at the controversial pastor’s house. Thus hopefully solve a “CSI like” case.

Contacted by local media yesterday, Abraham confirmed he had in fact ordered the seizure of the corpse, saying: “This investigation has now taken on a new twist. Based on findings of the pathologist, I have ordered a further probe and as a result, we have now withheld the body from relatives pending proper DNA tests to ensure scientific verification that the charred remains are that of the pastor.”

There is more.

“However, the mystery has deepened further when it was revealed by relatives yesterday that Pastor Lutchmansingh had recently sold a piece of property for $250,000 cash, which he kept in a steel safe at his home. However, after the fire was doused on Monday, that safe was found open and there was no evidence to indicate the money was destroyed.

As police searched the ruins of the pastor’s house, curious neighbors and other residents gathered to watch proceedings. A resident, who refused to give his name, claimed he had witnessed Lutchmansingh shoot stray dogs and even corbeaux (vultures) in the past with his licensed firearm.

Lutchmansingh became famous locally when he claimed to have inherited a £50 billion estate from American billionaire Buford B Keaton.Kitty allegedly borrowed over $3 million TT dollars from several persons, at different intervals, promising to repay all with interest from the inheritance. 

He was out on $75,000 bail after being charged with 88 counts of fraud in 2006. The alleged murder of his brother and attempted murder of his nephew would have truly tarnished the pastor’s reputation even more.

The question on every one’s mind is “Why did he murder his brother and attempt to kill his nephew?”

Initial Speculation about the murder being over a land dispute was cleared up by the nephew of both men Amos Dadbahal. He said it was “pure hatred” which lead kitty to commit murder as the argument stemmed from a barrier which Kitty was blocking. the younger Lutchmansing brother had asked the pastor to remove the barrier from an access road which was blocking him from entering. When he refused, the now murdered brother went to the police station to file a report, a short while after he returned he was shot and killed.

Dadbahal tarnished the pastor even further when he admitted that Pastor Kitty had a violent streak. For more info on this story check the Trinidad Guardian Newspaper dated 2nd April 2014.

Pastor Vishnu “Kitty” Lutchmansingh



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