Jah Cure got knocked out over cheating allegations in the Bahamas video

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jah-cure-knocked-out-in-bahamasIt is alleged that Jah Cure got knocked the F*** out in the Bahamas over the weekend.

Details are still sketchy but here is the tea.

“Rumors have surfaced that Cure has been having an affair with a married woman in Bahamas and was on the island with her at a hotel over the weekend. Her husband apparently got information that the “cheaters” were at a hotel and and he went there to confront them.

The amateur video footage shows Jah Cure wearing white fighting with a man in the hotel lobby. Several individuals were seen scampering in the footage while a woman was capture on the ground. She was also seen screaming out for someone to stop them.

Looks like Cure chose the wrong one to share his unconditional love too as he ended up knocked out and laying on the ground unconscious.[wpsr_sharethis]

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