Jamaican Mad Cobra not eyeing a come back

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mad cobra

Some former celebrities and entertainers believe in reinventing themselves for a comeback, while others drop a single or act a role in a movie ever so often to maintain their reputation. Jamaican Deejay Mad Cobra is not interested in a comeback because he’s too busy raising “hogs, pigs and race horses.” However his latest release of hits including “Defend it,” and “Dis Dem Anyway has some fans believing he is gearing up for a comeback.

Tthe Veteran dancehall deejay dismissed those allegations in an article in Jamaican newspaper the Gleaner:

“I came back because dancehall is boring. I do most of my shows in Europe. I haven’t worked in Jamaica in five years. Most of the big names move from arenas to small venues. Dancehall is on a dive. Younger artistes can’t deliver the songs how it sounds on the recordings. Shows don’t ram like how dem used to ram before.”“I never stop recording. I just keep my thing underground. Most of my songs that I have are done for sound systems. I wasn’t hunting or craving airplay.” “A hog mi a raise. I am raising pigs right now, racehorse and (run) buses.” “But if I feel to deejay, I just deejay. I love music, but I don’t run it down. I want people to want to hear me. Mi nuh need no comeback. I love music, but I never leave music. I just leave the spotlight. You have some people who will do anything to be the columns of dancehall. Mi nuh waan outshine the juvenile.”

For all Caribbean readers younger than 20 years old, Mad Cobra’s hay day was in the early 1990s with singles such as “Flex” and “You’re Making Me High” with Toni Braxton.

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