Kan Kan Riddim 2015 feat Olatunji, Benjai, Flipo, Sketon Sta

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Olatunji kan kan riddim

New Soca music on the Kan Kan Riddim. Music from various artiste on the rhythm which has been sweeping through radio airwaves in Trinidad and Tobago for the past few weeks. Hit the like button if your favorite track is on our playlist and feel free to share it with friends.

The first track come from none other than Olatunji. With a name like that it seems quite obvious that he would bring through an African oriented track. [wpsr_sharethis]

The second track is titled Phenomenal by Benjai featuring H2O Phlo. This track has a sort of groovy vibe which is usually played on the road of Trinidad on Jouvert morning. In the track he describes the fact that Carnival and soca music gives him powers, we’re guessing its from its intoxicating rhythms.

The next track is from an islander by the name of Sekon Sta with his track called The Best. HE speaks about his girlfriend and describes her as the best.

The Next Track comes all the way from Sweden from non other than Flippo. Carnival 2014 Flippo captivated the soca fraternity with his rhythmic track called Cyah Done. This time he captures fans hearts with his melodic track on the Kan Kan riddim called Her Love. What do you think about the track.

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  1. Kan Kan Riddim is a BOSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it have real bad hits, keep up the good work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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