Katt Williams gives sickly fan $1000.00 after his show

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Comedian and actor Katt Williams has a soft spot for helping people. The stand up comedian shocked a fan when he literally dropped one thousand dollars cash on her.

Katt gave the cash to a female fan in a wheelchair following a weekend performance in Boston. The woman who is currently awaiting a kidney transplant was spotted crying in the audience during Williams’ show Sunday. The entertainer’s security guards brought her backstage to meet with Williams after the show.

According to TMZ, Katt was so moved by her story that he excused himself from the room, then reappeared moments later with a folded up sheet of paper which read, “God never leaves.” Inside the paper was $1000.

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The woman spoke with TMZ and says the gift was an “awesome surprise.” As she figured the package he gave her was full of weed knowing the nature of the comedian.


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