Keisha Cole’s husband turned himself into the police

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Daniel Gibson and Keisha Cole

How far would you go to defend your wife’s honor?

Well, Keisha Cole’s husband basketball player, Daniel Gibson broke a man’s jaw in defense of his wife. According to several media reportedly on July 8th Gibson got into an argument with a man over a disrespectful comment geared towards Keisha at a nightclub. Tempers flared, Gibson fired a punch, the accuser was hit…..  and in true wrestle mania style his jaw was broken.

The professional basket ball player who last played for the Cleveland Cavaliers issued this statement before turning himself in:

“Earlier this month during the Essence Music Festival, I was involved in an incident with other individuals while I was out with my wife,” the 27 year old athlete said. “It’s unfortunate that some see opportunity in taking advantage of people who work hard for what they have achieved.”

Gibson, turned himself in to the New Orleans Police Department on Monday. During an interview with TMZ the basketball player said the matter is before the court which makes it difficult for him to divulge further information.

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