Let me touch you through my phone?

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Some people do it in person, others do it on the phone, while some prefer the internet to ”get it on”.
Oh but Durex, u know that little condom company, they have revolutionized the term “phone sex” shhhhhh!!!
These super genius Condom specialists have come up with a concept called  “Fundawear” which allows people to virtually touch each other using sensors in their clothes operated via remote.
Our partner is able to “touch” you using the app on their phone and activate censors in your erogenous zones.
Sounds interesting huh?
This means that the man out of the country on a business trip or that wife who went to visit her cousin abroad can still get busy with their better half’s even thought their not around.
Think its cool huh? But what happens if you lose your cell phone, then someone else can stimulate your loved one huh? 
Check out the video on how it works.
Tell us what YOU think. Would you use “Fundawear”?

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