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Reggae diva Ce’Cile burns Snoop Lion on twitter.

As most people know by now there is an ongoing feud between Snoop Dogg aka Snoop Lion and reggae icon Bunny Wailer.
However, its just a war of words and not many reggae/dancehall artiste have gotten involved. Last month Snoop Lion made some “interesting,” (light sarcasm) remarks about Bunny Wailer during an interview with Rolling Stone.
While most sat quietly and let the saga unfold, dancehall diva Ce’Cile wasn’t having that, as she made here thoughts known via, you guessed it Twitter. Ce’Cile was up to the time and decided to follow in the footsteps of fellow Caribbean born artiste (coughs) “Nicki Manaj and Rihanna,” and vent her feeling on the matter via the social media.
This is what Ce’Cile said on Twitter:
“Jump up ina Rastsa bizniz an a diss Rasta, a wa do snoop dog.”
“U caa call u self no LION an come diss BUNNY WAILER round ere! Caz a use u a use Rasta! Mi a bun snoop dog straight fi dat!”
“Yes Snoop Dog friend of the Marleys who used to have women on LEASH (oonu memba dat) Bout u a come diss BUNNY Wailer!! Fire bun u snoop dog!” (Ce’Cile Twitter)
Hmmmm she sure burnt him, Snoop may need a glass of ice cold Jamican water to tame that blaze.
Meantime Snoop Lion reggae album Reincarnated debuted at the top of the reggae Billboard chart.
HMMMMMMMMM. What are your thoughts on this?

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