Full episode Love and Hip Hop Atlanta Season 3 and Recap

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Love and Hip Hop cast members

The drama continues in the Recap of Season 3 Love and Hip Hop Atlanta.

Here is the juicy stuff:

  •  Karlie Redd starts a fist fight with Young Joc’s side chick
  • Kirk brought a new chick to his home as a supposed nanny (Rasheeda had no time for that)
  • Stevie J and Joseline’s wedding could be fake
  • Bambi loses her unborn baby
  • And all the other drama to come in the next episode

Here is the dish,

In the previous episode Young Joc caught Karlie red handed flirting with another guy. She was in the studio working on some tracks waiting for Joc when she ran into her friend Jerimiah. Surely there was a lot of steamy chemistry between the two as Jeromy couldn’t keep his hands off her. All of a sudden Joc walked in and it all went downhill from there. He was annoyed and acted quite jealous as he refused to hear anything Karlie had to say.  Any man would be annoyed if they walked into that situation, but for him to call off their relationship off of one messy incident left question marks floating around about his loyalty and fidelity. In the second episode Karlie walked in on Joc drinking a shot out of a stripper’s belly, which made him just as guilty as Karlie in the flirting department. And to add more “wood to the fire”  this other chick decides to spill the beans and tell Karlie she has been sleeping with Joc as well, “I’m with your man Every Night.” (WRONG ANSWER) Karlie, flipped out on her and threw the first blow at the “other woman” with her purse, before you knew it, security popped out of no where and held off both women from taking the fight further.

Blog Young Joc shouldn’t have had those two women together in the first place if he knew he was smashing them both. Secondly if he was just trying to get back at Karlie for flirting that was not the way to go. They all acted a little childish as there are better ways to resolve insecurity issues.

The thing is we can’t judge either of them because we are not in the situation so the best thing to do is wait till the next segment and hope it is as juicy as the  last.

Kirk is determined to get a babysitter for his baby instead of allowing his mother in law to do the job. Rasheeda wants to go back out to work and agreed with her husband to get a sitter, she had no idea he would go out and get someone without consulting her. In the previous episode, he and Benzino met a chick at a pool hall and bar where they hang out. Kirk was clearly flirting with the young waitress who was tending to them and she seemed to be engaging his subtle advances.

In this episode Kirk invites the youngster to take the nanny job and brings her into his and Rasheeda’s home. When Rasheeda arrived you could see a surprised, confused and pissed off look was written all over her face. She saw another woman holding her baby and Kirk with a big smile on his face telling her this is their new nanny. The young waitress told Rasheeda that she thought the couple were separated and were just co parenting in the same house. Rasheeda got annoyed and asked her to leave the house, but not without verbally bashing Kirk for his Random behavior.

Blog Kirk, you should have known better than that. Your own friends who are known for being messy advised you against it yet you still brought the girl into your family’s home. That move was a blatant disrespect and Rasheeda must really love you in order to put up with your nonsense. Rasheeda definitely shows strength to put up with all his mess and stay with him for the children. Keep it up girl.

Could Mimi’s suspicions be true about Joseline and Stevie’s marriage being fake. Joseline’s former booking agent Dawn dished out some dirty laundry to Mimi about the couple being broke and about their marriage being fake. Mimi was in shock when she heard Dawn wanted to meet with her but welcomed the opportunity to have dirt on her daughter’s father and supposed wife. Tune in the the next episode to get more on that developing story.

We close with the sad news of Bambi having a miscarriage for Lil Scrappy. As much as Mama Dee didn’t approve of her for Scrappy, her heart softened as she too miscarried before and could relate to what Bambi was feeling.


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