Macka Diamond speaks out about lewd photos posted

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Dancehall diva Macka Diamond is trying to clean up her image just a bit or what some may call “damage control”. Last week Macka tweeted a photo very suggestive photo of herself in a compromising situation sending fans into shock. In response a male fan tweeted a suggestive photo of himself to her with a lewd caption. Rumors arose that the photos were leaked which is a bit strange as one of them came directly from her twitter account and she even responded to comments on the image.

Macka Diamond Tweets out very Suggestive photo

The Dye Dye hit maker claimed the photos were not meant for released. She said they were taken as part of the promotion of her new single “Twist Me” which is a follow up to her latest smash hit “Dye Dye.”

This is what Macka told the Star:

“We did two versions, one for the TV and one for Internet purposes,” Macka said. “I shot the video because I knew I was leaving. Basically, a lot of the camera people were told not to leak the pictures. We didn’t expect anybody to leak the pictures. We didn’t need to send out any pictures before ’cause the video would speak for itself.”

“A lot of men were willing to come up front and do it. He was one of our choices. We wanted someone who felt comfortable playing the part,” Macka added.

“ “We haffi defend the women part of it. You have females out there who love to get it. Is just hearing things on the road and just balancing the thing. It’s hypocrisy. You have to have someone who can stand up for the women.”

What are your views on the leaked photos and her cover up statement?


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