Man rapes HIV positive woman (How to prevent being raped)

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How to prevent being raped

A young lady who is HIV positive was raped last evening.

This report was written by one of our fans who is a Police Officer.

A young lady was raped yesterday in Marabella, Trinidad and Tobago by a man who followed her from the bank, boarded the same taxi with her, came out the taxi when she did and followed her down the road….

She saw him in the bank but probably didn’t think anything odd about his behavior.

Ladies, we need to be more observant. If u see someone following u or someone just happens to be wherever u are don’t dismiss it. Don’t bother with people who want to say you are paranoid. The state of affairs that exists now calls for some level of paranoia.

By the way, the young woman is HIV positive and he is still out there looking for other victims.

Ladies and men this is merely a wake up call for would be victims of rape. According to reports the man followed his victim from Royal Bank San Fernando, all the way to Market Street where he rapped her in a side street. She described her attacker as Dark 5ft 9 mixed or East Indian with curly hair. No facial description was given, hopefully this rapist is bought to justice before he can hurt infect anyone else.

How to be more observant to prevent being rapped

  • Do not be stuck on your cell phone and observe your surroundings
  • ,Do not look straight ahead, look around while walking and traveling
  • Be more observant of your surroundings especially in poorly lit areas
  • Be aware of suspicious looking individuals
  • Take a mental note of vehicle license plates you board

Here are some additional explained pointers to avoid being raped

Trust your instincts Don’t underestimate your own judgment. If you feel uncomfortable in someone’s company, avoid being secluded with them and be firm if coercion is attempted. Attackers will more often prey on people who look vulnerable and seem easily manipulated.
Bring a friend[wpsr_sharethis] As time evolves we live in the party era, when going to parties or other events be sure to take a friends of move in groups. If you can’t bring someone you know, give a friend your phone number and expected time you’ll be home, and tell him or her that you’ll check in.

Stay alert  avoid headphones or hats that block your peripheral vision and hearing. Be aware of people in the area, ahead and behind you.
Stick to populated, well-lit areas if you need to walk alone. Avoid poorly lit areas, or areas with minimal escape routes.

Confront a pursuer If you know that someone is following you, turn and ask them the time. Get a good look at their face and overall appearance. Attackers prefer to target victims who haven’t seen their face.

Walk with Mace or Pepper Spray This may not be legal or available in all countries but it provides great protection against predators.

These are just a few tips. Feel free to add your own personal tips in the comments below!!!


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