Man runs off as rapist attack girlfriend

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Picture This:

  • Man and women at the river having a picnic.
  • Three men armed with Cutlasses ie (very large sharp objects used to chop) approach you.
  • Man runs off and leaves his girlfriend at picnic spot at the hands of the men.
  • The question here is what would you have done if you were the woman?

Sadly, this incident actually occurred in Trinidad W.I. last Tuesday evening while a couple were having a private picnic at Caura River, Tacarigua.

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According to a Trinidad Guardian report the couple were at the river site when they were approached by three men armed cutlasses. Upon seeing the men, her male companion ran off leaving her behind.

The woman told police two of them then attacked and pinned her to the ground and took turns raping her, while the third man watched. The trio then ran away along the Caura Royal Road. With the assistance of a taxi driver, the woman went to the Tunapuna Police Station and reported the incident. She was able to give investigators a description of her attackers. 

One of the men, 30, was arrested hours later while tending to a garden near the Caura Hospital. The other suspect, 27, was arrested shortly after 1 pm, after police were told he was hiding near the river, which runs behind the hospital. Police said the men are from Caura and El Dorado and one of them had been wanted for some time in connection with numerous recent sexual assaults in Tunapuna.

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