Man stabbed and thrown about 6 feet into Dry River (and lived)

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east dry river scetch

A man was beaten, stabbed and thrown into the East Dry River, Port of Spain, Trinidad W.I.However fortunately he survived

An eye witness said the victim named, Garnet Stapleton was walking along Town Council Street, when he approached three men.

Out of nowhere an argument ensued and before you know it, one of the men hit Stapleton in his head with a glass bottle and began stabbing him with the broken end of it. The men continued their assault, before lifting him off the ground and throwing the 28 year old into the Dry River.

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The incident occurred around 1 pm in close proximity to the Besson Street Police Station. These perpetrators must have “grande cojones” to pull of this attempted murder near a police station.

According to a Trinidad Newsday report, a passer by ran to the Police Station and alerted officers of the incident. Ambulance were called and a rescue of the motionless man was in full swing. Luckily Stapleton did not die from the fall, but he sustained “superficial wounds to his head and upper body”.

As for his attackers, officers were given descriptions of the men and said “an arrest is imminent.” 



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