Miley Cyrus VMA performance drives “Wrecking Ball” sales

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miley cyrys blur

Miley Cyrus shocked fans world wide with her speechless performance at the MTV VMA’s last Sunday. The video footage quickly went viral and it was the talk of the town on just about every social media platform, radio, Television and Blogs. But as the old Caribbean saying goes, “Who laugh last laugh the best”. All the negative publicity was just enough to boost sales of the former Disney Channel stars new track entitled, “Wrecking Ball“.

The track was released on Saturday for sale on iTunes and quickly generated enough to reach the number five spot. It eventually made it to position number (1) kicking Katy Parry’s Roar off the charts. But this was due to a glitch on iTunes which was rectified. Now Katty is back at number one while Miley maintains the number 4 position with her track,”We Cant Stop”.

Here is Miley the Epic VMA performance”:

Here is her new song titled, Wrecking ball

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