Mimi Faust advice to Stevie J in court for child support

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Stevie J, Mimi Faust and daughter Eva

Love and Hip Hop Atlanta is going to kick off with a bang.

The release of a trailer for Mimi’s currently viral adult tape has been circulating all over social media sites. While some sites carry raw footage, others have been showing a censored version. Apparently the trailer has been dubbed as the “hottest pre-sellers Vivid Entertainment has ever seen. This bit of information came from Vivid Entertainment head Steve Hirsch who according to TMZ said they made more than $400,000 in pre-sales just off the trailer.

The official tape titled “Mimi & Nikko: Scandal in Atlanta” is set to be released on Monday in full on Vivid.com

In other Mimi headlines, it seems as Stevie J’s failure to pay child support could be what lead her to do the tape. Bands made her dance all the way to the shower scene, “just kidding”. That’s not the case Stevie is currently in legal hot water over an astonishing debt owed to another former lover. He owes his ex, Carol Antoinette Bennett over one million dollars in back child support. Every source of his income was subsequently subpoenaed according to media reports.

carol bennett and stevie j

With regards to Mimi’s tape, she just did it to get back at him for embarrassing her on Love and Hip Hop and other unmentioned reasons.

Mimi also gave some advice to her baby daddy, “Pay your child support,” she said. She told Hip Hop Enquirer about how she feels about Stevie J’s ongoing child support case, “Let his wife bail him out” she confirmed.

stevie j and joseline hernandez

Some of you may be wondering who is this Stevie J person that has all this controversy surrounding him.

Here is some history most people may know him from season 1 and 2 of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta as the guy in a love triangle with “baby mamma”, Mimi Faust and former stripper Joseline Hernandez. But that’s not all to Stevie, he actually had a colorful past in the hip hop fraternity. [wpsr_sharethis]

Three-time Grammy award winning songwriter, musician and producer, Stevie J, rose to fame in the 90’s when he made his mark as an in-house producer for Sean Puffy Comb’s Bad Boy Entertainment. 

As one of The Hitmen, Stevie J became a heavily sought after producer. He worked with such artists as Diddy, the Notorious B.I.G, Mariah Carey, Faith Evans and the Jacksons. Stevie J also made headlines when he was romantically linked with rapper, Eve.

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