More trouble for Vybes Kartel

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Di Teacher taught a lesson in jail?.

It is alleged by a good source that Vybz Kartel was attacked and beaten earlier this week in jail.

An inside source in law enforcement exclusively told Urban Islandz that the attackers are cronies of one of Kartels’ alleged murder victim, Clive ‘Lizard’ Williams.

Details of how they were arrested and placed in the same cell as Vybz Kartel was not revealed, but they are clearly furious with the Worl’Boss.

The source said,“Two youths stepped to him and ask him why him murder Lizard and Kartel say ‘why mi woulda waan kill Lizard,” “Things escalated Monday morning and a fight broke out but guards were able to calm things before it got out of hand”.

The source said that tensions had been high inside the jail ever since the two men arrived. Kartel was stabbed in the arm as a result of the rumble. He was rushed to hospital and is in stable condition. Kartel was charged with the Lizard’s murder in late 2011 and he is to return to court on May 27 2013.

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