Nebula868 official music videos and audio tracks

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Nebula 868

A compilation of tracks from upcoming local artiste Nebula868.

Here is a short biography on the featured artistes.

Nebula868 comprises of two members, Sean Padmore & Clayton Wong. The group was founded by Jason Andrews,  who built their recording studio (D Academy). Their writing, video editing and engineering side of the music was developed at their studio along side their producer Kurtis Wells.

In 2009 the guys met up with Daryl Braxton & Aaron Peters and signed to their independent label “D Project Records” the following year. They immediately began to mold the group for the international market. In late 2010 D Project Records hosted a concert where Nebula868 opened for the headline act Nicki Minaj.  They could be considered the most successful HipHop/pop duo in Trinidad & Tobago.

For more check their facebook fanpage:  [wpsr_sharethis]

Artiste: Nebula868

Title: Temptation (CLEAN)

Artiste: Nebula868

Title: Confidence 

Artiste: Nebula868

Title: Words Cant Explain

Artiste: Nebula868

Title: 5 O Clock (Remix)

Artiste: Nebula868

Title: 868

Artiste: Nebula868

Title: Ayo

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