Nicki Minaj adding another ‘Hat’ to her arsenal!

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nicki minaj

In some semi local/international entertainment news, “wink wink”.

Trinidadian Born Rap sensation Nicki Minaj wants to make much more cash (Who wouldn’t)

Currently Nicki has:

  • Dropped two platinum selling albums
  • Judged on American Idol
  • Launched her own clothing line
  • Has several other ventures (on the down low)

Now being added to the Trini born star’s resume is ACTING.

It’s no surprise that the Monster rapper would pursue acting. After all she’s pretty good at it, judging from her elaborate music videos, different rap personalities and her ability to toy with her voice.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the Young Money rapper is currently in negotiations to be cast in a new comedy flick titled “The Other Woman.”

Nicki Minaj will play the role of Cameron Diaz’s very opinionated assistant at a law firm. Prior to this “big break Nicki voiced a mammoth called Steffie in the animated film Ice Age 4. ( Which by the way was quite awesome)

Love her OR Hate her, but there’s no denying her STAR power!

nicki minaj

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