Nicki Minaj Mom goes Gospel and Mama Dee tooth falls out during performance video

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nicki minaj and carol maraj

Still hot off the press and the topic of most barbershop gab “That Nicki Minaj Anaconda Video”. Though its erotic content probably knocked Miley Cyrus all the way off her Wrecking Ball, that wasn’t the most shocking thing about Nicki. Apparently her mother Trinidadian Carol Maraj AKA Mama Maraj released a gospel track.

The track is titled “God’s Been Good”, and it is the first from an EP dedicated to inspiring abused women to walk away from the pain, shame and fear.

Carol, in a tell all to ‘The Sun’, a British online news publication, went into the details of the harrowing time that Nicki Minaj, her siblings and herself (Carol) experienced at the hands of her husband and Nicki’s father, Robert Maraj.

“Robert would get high on cocaine and alcohol and then terrorize the entire family and physically abuse me.” She also shared that Nicki would sob in her bedroom as her father beat her mother ‘black and blue’ in their Queens, New York home in the mid ‘90s.

The mother of three is also the founder of the Carol Maraj Foundation, which aims to help abused women.

The track has been floating around the internet since around April. Though the video got a couple thousand views it came with some hate in the form of mean comments, just take a look at this one.

Carol Maraj youtube comment

Check out the track and leave your comments below:[wpsr_sharethis]

Nicki’s mother isn’t the only one taking the gospel road, Lil Scrappy’s infamous Mother, Mama Dee also hit the studio with her track titled I Deserve.

Her hate mail was just a bit worse that Carol’s, don’t believe us then take a look at this screen shot.

Mama Dee I deserve

On top all the hateful comments, Mama Dee suffered a tooth falling incident a few weeks ago, while performing on stage. Check out the video below:

Check out I Deserve Mama Dee:


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