Oh no John John! How yuh bad suh!

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Prior to the social media world we have all grown to love, when persons had a disagreement they would argue over the phone or go to each others homes and thrash out their differences.

But those days are long gone and what better way to get back at your no good cheating boyfriend than to make him out on Twitter. Right? *yikes*

Lady Saw has pioneered Jamaican Dancehall music for years, constantly reinventing herself and making her name among the Dancehall giants like Bennie Man, Buju Banton to name a few. However its not her successful career that’s making headlines but her rocky relationship with her boyfriend of seventeen (17) years John John.

She too has taken to Twitter to air her frustration with the man.

Could this be the beginning of the end for the pair? One would think that Lady Saw would have left him since last year after she revealed, John John cheated on her many times and even impregnated several other females including her hairdresser and one of her neighbor.”Dammmmmm!”

When all else fails, resort to Twitter, here are some of her Tweets:

“Being me is no easy task not a day go by without someone trying to destroy me but the heavenly father I serve never fails me.”

“Years ago I wrote a letter hide it then instruct my daughter to take it to the media if anything ever happen to me that’s how afraid I.

“You ungrateful brute! You need to sell your apartment and pay me back all the money I gave to you to refurbish it and pay your mortgage for all these years”

“I was never good enough until my assets start piling N my money start flying fr my hands freely that’s when I start hearing the word”

What would you have done if you were in her situation? Do you think she should have gone public or it could have been handled differently?

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