Party boat runs into sunk ship at sea (hundreds were rescued)

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harbour master

Trinidad party boat the Harbor Master scared hundreds of patrons when it ran into a sunken ship at sea last Sunday evening.

An on the spot report was given to GoddessPromotionsTT by one of the passengers aboard. The boat left its dock site at Western Main Road, Cocorite around 4 pm Sunday afternoon and was scheduled to return at 7 pm.

“We were on the boat and the music was pumping for about an hour and a half, when all of a sudden we felt a jolt, and everyone went forward. The coolers on the boat fell over, the music stopped playing and people started to panic because we were in open water and thought the boat was going to sink.

About 10 minutes after we were told that it was a low tide and the boat ran into a sunken ship. We were advised not to panic because the boat was not taking in water and the coast guard will be there shortly.

After about 10 minutes music started to play again and people began to party. The incident happened about 5 30 pm and i got off the boat close to 12 midnight. The Coast Guard did the best they could do with their resources but the incident was a real inconvenience to some of the hired DJ’s on-board, because they had other gigs to do and had to remain at sea until coast guard took them to land.”

The Trinidad Newsday revealed that the boat did in fact run into a sunk ship which was put there as a break water. The owner of the boat Adrian Scoon said he was assured by coast guard officials that beacons would be put in the water to prevent similar occurrences. The boat would be on dry dock for at least four days to assess any damage.

All events carded for this upcoming weekend will continue as scheduled.

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