Pregnant Halle Berry returns as Storm in upcomming X Men movie despite health hazards

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halle berry

You cant keep a pregnant woman down!

Just ask pregnant U.S. actress Halle Berry who is carded to act in the upcoming X-men movie. The sexy 46 year old actress is not letting pregnancy stand in her way as she gears up for her role as Storm in the movie. The sizzling role of Storm has always been played by Berry who usually “Makes it rain” Fat Joe must be proud (slight joke). Although Berry said her pregnancy would not affect her role, it is clear that she wouldn’t be as physically involved as she usually is in prior movies.

The producer is going to have to do a lot of editing, because pretty soon that baby bump is going to show, and no matter how sexy a Berry is, that bump is gonna be all over that movie set literally.

“One thing for sure, with another baby on the way, mamma can’t take any time off.” said Berry who also said nothing in the script would be altered, may be they might use a stunt double.

Although the script would not be changed Berry said ” Storm probably wouldn’t be as badass as she was going to be because we wouldn’t be able to do any fight or flying or things like that. She’ll be different than we originally planned her to be but I still think she’ll be an integral part of this new X Men movie.” Berry said.

The last movie saw the rise of a submarine when Magneto finally learned to control his powers. In case you are wondering what this next movie brings to the table, keep it locked on for updates and trailers……

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